Happy Birthday Dad

This post has nothing to do with our life’s in the US and somehow it has everything to do with it.

Today would have been my dads birthday. He passed away long time ago. Let’s say the circumstances where different. That might be the reason why it is so difficult for me to let go. It has been 28 years and I’m still thinking of him pretty much every day.

I’m just a year younger than he was when he died…. Isn’t that sad?

However, I believe my love for the US was implanted by him. He was also able to live a few years in the US and I remember some of the goodies he brought for us when visiting. One was a light brown suit with Mexican embroidery – he thought it was so cool (I thought it was ugly – lol). He also brought little Mexican hats and I keep seeing these at souvenir stands.

My dad also loved Country music and there are a few songs that still bring tears to my eyes when listening to them. Have I mentioned that I also love Country music? Wonder why – 🙂

Well, happy birthday dad, wherever you are, happy birthday!