Dago von den Pankower Wiesen – Happy 8th Birthday

Today is Dago’s 8th birthday. Unbelievable how fast the time went by.

Dago von den Pankower Wiesen is still (and always has been) very “talkative”. There is nothing, and I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G. that can stop him from talking (and screaming – unfortunately) when he get’s excited. He loves his “Herrchen” more than anything in the world – well, maybe with the exception of balls in all sizes….. Dago is good with other dogs, but no one get’s between him and his two “sisters”. Shiloh and little Ms. Emma are his favorites!

It’s hard to believe that he turns eight today and we can’t (and won’t) even imagine a life without him.

Happy Birthday wonderful, beautiful, crazy Dago. You will always be our “Dickerchen” ❤

Dago 6 Wochen alt

Dago 8 Wochen alt

Dago und Shiloh – endlich vereint


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