New Hike

As you know, with Shanna moving to Albuquerque I lost my hiking partner. But hiking is just something I really enjoy and therefore I’d rather go by myself than giving it totally up.

I’m sure I could find someone else to join me but I have to admit I kinda enjoy the me-time and I feel it has to be the “right person” (same workout level, somebody who really enjoys nature as much as I do, who would stop all of a sudden in awe of nature….. you get what I’m saying?)

On Sunday morning the husband had a training appointment and I took the opportunity to ride along, just to have him drop me off at the entrance of a trail, which was new to me. The Buck Gully trail starts in a residencies area close to the pacific ocean. Like most of our trails, first it went down hill into the canyon, then I had to walk through the canyon before it went back up…..

This wasn’t a difficult trail, not a lot of steep inclines, but super pretty with it’s blooming cactus and a little creek running next to the path, most of the time. I wouldn’t call this a workout, but I sweat a lot, and I mean A LOT. The heat wave, which we are facing right now, had the canyon at about 95 to 100 degrees at 10:00 am. Phew!

2 thoughts on “New Hike

  1. So much fun!! I wish I could go hiking with you. I’d totally be up for it (but I also know what you mean that you enjoy the me-time and it has to be the right hiking partner!)

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