Gusty wind turns Irvine into the Wild West

IMG_7308We still can enjoy temperatures way over 75 degrees Fahrenheit but once in a while we have to deal with dusty Santa Ana winds which can turn Irvine into the Wild West…. 🙂 

Wir koennen noch immer Temperaturen weit ueber 20 Grad Celcius (meistens eher 25 bis 27) geniessen! Manchmal werden die Temperaturen von stuermischen Winden begleitet, den sogenannten Santa Ana Winden, die dann auch Irvine mal in den Wilden Westen verwandeln …. 😉

See what Wikipedia says about Santa Ana Winds: The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry down-slope winds that originate inland and affect coastal Southern California and northern Baja California. Santa Ana winds blow mostly in autumn and winter, but can arise at other times of the year also. They can range from hot to cold, depending on the prevailing temperatures in the source regions—the Great Basin and upper Mojave Desert. The winds are known especially for the hot dry weather (often the hottest of the year) that they bring in the fall, and are infamous for fanning regional wildfires. For these reasons, they are sometimes known as the “devil winds” across Southern California.

Schaun wir mal, was Wikipedia ueber die Winde zu sagen hat: Die Santa-Ana-Winde, auch Teufelswinde, Teufelshauch oder roter Wind genannt, sind warme, trockene Winde die hauptsächlich im Spätherbst und Winter das Wetter in Südkalifornien beeinflussen. 



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