Another great weekend

What we did the past weekend:

– didn’t want back pain to take over life so went straight after work for a cycling class 

– nice Friday night dinner date with the hubby 

– awesome Saturday morning sun rise while driving to another fun and exhausting Ryde (spinning & yoga) class

– got a fresh haircut and afterwards breakfast at a place in Laguna Beach with ocean view  (unfortunately it was still foggy at the coast)

– made Kohlrouladen (a traditional German dish) for the very first time for the hubby (and I usually don’t cook which makes it even more special)

– Sunday morning went shopping for new work pants

– visit of a shooting ranch later that day (hubby had fun – me, not so much 😉

– got some frozen yoghourt while enjoying great company

3 thoughts on “Another great weekend

  1. Lecker, lecker….Kohlrouladen und das schon wieder vorm Frühstück, warum tust Du mir das an :o)
    Muß auch mal wieder welche machen, meiner besseren Hälfte würde es gefallen !!!
    Shoppen und schießen wäre auch nach meinem Geschmack, auf´s Eis könnte ich verzichten…bin keine “Süsse”.
    Auf jeden Fall hattet Ihr ein tolles Wochenende.
    Liebe Grüße aus RD,

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