I just love my hikes

This time Cindy joined me on my weekend hike. We decided to try the path that directed us to the beach. So we started on top of the mountain, went through out the canyons down to the beach. The trail is about 4.2 miles and it took us around 2 hours – we stopped for a lot of pictures and most of the time the path went steep down hill so we had to slow down in order to not tumble. Maybe, just maybe, we are going to hike the path the other direction one day – from the beach up to the mountain. But there is a reason why one part of the trail is called “The Elevator”. This time we were happy that H. picked us up at the beach after we had cooled our feet in the ocean.

Diesmal hat mich Cindy auf meinem Wochenend Hike begleitet. Wir entschieden uns, den Weg runter zum Strand zu nehmen. Also starteten wir oben auf dem Berg, gingen durch die Canyons und landeten am Ende am Pacific. Wir brauchten fuer den 6.7 km langen weg 2 Stunden – ich muss dazu sagen, dass wir viele Fotos geschossen haben und es meistens sehr steil abwaerts ging, so das wir langsam gehen mussten, um nicht auszurutschen. Vielleicht, aber nur ganz vielleicht, gehen wir diesen Weg eines Tages in die andere Richtung – also vom Strand hoch auf den Berg. Allerdings heisst ein Stueck des Weges nicht ohne Grund “Fahrstuhl”. Diesmal waren wir froh darueber, dass H. uns unten am Strand aufgesammelt hat, nachdem wir unsere Fuesse im Meer abgekuehlt hatten.

Sunday – fun day

Already a couple of month ago we bought some whale watching tickets through Groupon.com, a website that offers deals for pretty much everything you can think of. Usually these whale watching tickets are $ 32 per person but we only paid $ 15.00 per person for it. We had to be at Newport Landing, on the the Balboa peninsula, at 8:30 am on Sunday morning. The boat was leaving an hour later so we still had time for coffee and bagel over looking the harbor! The weather was a bit overcast but we still had great temperatures. Lucky us we saw dolphins, sea lions and even blue whales – what a great way to start your Sunday! 

Bereits vor einigen Monaten haben wir ueber Groupon.com Tickets fuer eine Whale Watching Tour gekauft. Normalerweise kosten die Tickets $ 32.00 pro Person aber da Gropuon.com alles was man sich vorstellen kann guenstiger verkauft, bezahlten wir nur $ 15.00 pro Person. Wir mussten bereits um 8:30 Uhr bei Newport Landing auf der Balboa Halbinsel sein. Da das Schiff aber erst um 9:30 Uhr ablegte, hatten wir noch Zeit fuer Kaffee und Bagels mit Blick auf den Hafen von Newport. Das Wetter war zu dem Zeitpunkt noch recht bewoelkt, aber die Temperaturen waren prima. Und was gibt es besseres um seinen Sonntag zu beginnen als See Loewen, Delphine und Blau Wale zu sehen?

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-18 um 20.33.51

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So proud of the hubbs

The fence around our backyard is really old and “ugly” and even a lot of paint wouldn’t make it any better anymore. However, when I saw a “plant window” at one of the hardware stores we went to during the weekend I knew that this would be a great way to distract the eye from the heavily weathered fence. Unfortunately the price for the “window” was $ 40.00, which was way more than I was willing to pay. Lucky me I have a very handy man who had no problem at all to rebuild what I was looking for. This was just the pilot project – now hubby has to start to manufacture a few more of these beautiful plant windows!


Slow and relaxing weekend

This weekend hubby and I took it really slow. We ran some errants, went grocery shopping  and did all the necessary work in the house like laundry and gardening. Saturday as well as Sunday afternoon we went down to the ocean (different areas) to get some coffee and enjoy the beautiful breeze. 

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Pictures of the week

Fotor0807181232funny situation / american idiom = lol * deep fried shrimp heads – yuk * salmon, corn, tomato/mozzarella – delicious dinner * coolest wine bottle holder ever * scary car driver * sunday afternoon treat – Starbucks

A “Rain Check” is an idiom for not being able to do what you would like to do just because of circumstances. I learned that just right after I replied a bit confused of the rain check that one of my coworkers took on our break….. 

Deep Fried Shrimp Heads – I could never try that and I even had trouble to look at it before a friend really ate it! Yuk!

Salmon, corn, tomato/mozzarella – one dinner we had the last week. 

I love shoes and this beautiful wine bottle holder is the awesome gift from some friends!

It scares me when I see drivers being covered up in order to protect themselves of the sun!

I think Starbucks coffee/drinks are way too over priced but once in a while I cannot help it